What exactly is a sports management agency?

At its core, a sports management agency is a group of individuals who represent an athlete with contract negotiations with a professional sports organization. That said, Integral Sports Management believes that contract negotiations are but one small part of our job. Our team is committed to helping our clients excel on the field and off. We offer a host of sports career management services, ensuring that all of your needs are covered long after the ink on the contract dries.


How is a sports management agency different than a sports agent?

A sports agent is an individual who represents an athlete with contract negotiations whereas an agency is a group of agents. While many talented agents are out there, a single individual has a limited skill set. Not only that, a single agent is only able to handle so much before either becoming overextended or unable to give you the personal attention you deserve. With many agents, it’s all about the contract. Once the deal is done, the relationship fizzles. In contrast, our agency is made up of a group of talented sports management agents with a broad skill set and wide service offering. We’re a boutique agency committed to helping you throughout your career.


What does your sports management agency offer?

We offer a full menu of sports career management services covering everything from contract negotiations, performance training, and nutrition to personal branding and marketing, sports photography, banking, financial planning, wealth management, post-career training, and beyond. Here at Integral Sports Management, we’ve got you covered!


Can your sports management agency help with endorsement deals?

You bet we can! You’ve heard of Warren Moon, right? Not only is Moon one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks, he’s also an amazing sports marketer. We’ve partnered with Warren Moon’s Sports 1 Marketing company, one of the best sports marketing companies in the industry with an impressive record of securing endorsement deals for athletes.


Is managing my sports career just about the money or is there more to it?

Money management should play a major role in anyone’s career, especially athletes. At first glance, you may feel as if you’re set for life thanks to an eye-popping contract and generous signing bonus. Unfortunately, too many athletes before you have squandered their wealth and found themselves ill-equipped for the business world once their sports careers have ended. So, yes, a large part of what we do centers on the money. We help you to get a fantastic deal, but we don’t stop there. We help you invest your money wisely, teach you how to manage your wealth so that your post-career future is secure, help you plan for the future, help you with post-career training, and more. We also offer services that have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with living up to your true potential.


Can you help me improve my athletic performance?

Absolutely. We’ve partnered with EXOS, the leader in sports performance training for elite and professional athletes.


What about housing — Do you help there, too?

Many of our clients are fresh out of college (some just graduated from high school!), and venturing out into the real world on their own for the first time. We’re parents ourselves and understand that this transition into adulthood has its challenges. We have Realtors and property managers on our team who can help with all aspects of housing including home sales, rentals, and relocation.